NewMusic Ten/S’up Cuz/The SampleBank Interview

I’ve been blessed with the lovely opportunity to sit down with the charming Ronit Rubinstein from PRODUCT Magazine! The magazine, in their words covers: “Amazing People, Places and Great Things!” And last I checked I am a noun! (I’m feeling tender these days…usually when the self-esteem is higher I feel like a verb, you know how it goes).

Check this out…I am Ronit’s first magazine interview…how cool is that?

We talked about NewMusic Ten, S’up Cuz…creativity and more!

Look for that in January 2013. I know my Mom will be on the lookout.

Oh but in the meantime look for Ronit’s book…she and 2 others edited City Voices: A Book of Monologues by Toronto Artists.

You can visit one of the following: a) the pantsless option: or b) the pants option: TheatreBooks, The Glad Day Bookshop, Tarragon Theatre.

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