LA Man. LA.

Yo…I’m in Los Angeles. Great trip so far…I got to go a Lakers game, sat not too far from Jack too. I’ve never seen anything like that…I’ve been to Madison Square, Cavs (before LeBron) and a good handful of Pistons games (saw Jordan play) and I never ever could imagine half the things I saw. It went beyond entertainment; far beyond a simple NBA contest between millionaires. It was Man Walking On The Moon spectacle. Crazy. And transcendent. LA man. LA.

This whole week I’ve been in LA I’ve been checking out tv and such it’s all so boring, no spark, no imagination. Hardly any ruckus. In Canada it always felt like we were missing out on the good commercials but now…not at all, there is hardly anything fresh. And with the internet I can easily catch all the fresh ones.

Oh and I was in this parking lot, locked up the car, walking towards the restaurant and this guy sauntered past me, on the phone saying: “we need the film greenlit NOW so we can shoot in March.” I instantly spun around, trying to pay attention…who the heck is this guy? He got into this souped up Lexus and drove off. LA man. LA.

And I went with my uncle to Target. Rambling through the aisles I was hunting for gummy candy or lottery tickets. Just before I found the candy section this guy, tired looking, his phone goes off, he flips it open and says: “Yeah? You get the deal done?” Pause. “What about the script revisions…he wants producer credit now? No way, forge that!” I’m like…who is this guy! Then I remembered I was in Target so this guy must be strictly independent. I shrugged and loaded up on gummies. LA man. LA.

And somebody brought home Coppola’s wine…but ah, it was red. So I was not only honest and belligerent but I also demanded Italian for dinner and when they couldn’t do it, I ordered them all whacked. It got out of hand there for a bit. Really good wine, I polished off like a third or maybe a half of the bottle. LA man. LA.


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