8 Fun Activities To Celebrate National No Pants Day!

The first Friday in May is officially No Pants Day. Yes! This is better than Christmas and my birthday combined.

To celebrate No Pants Day here is a list of 8 fun activities that don’t require pants:

1) Reading!
I got my stack of comic books right here. Is it irony to read about heroes in tight pants on No Pants Day?

2) Hiking!
Sun’s out, go explore the trails. Leave the GPS behind and get lost. Feel the crisp cool May breeze caress your exposed legs. And feel confident knowing you won’t get ants in your pants. Oh yes!

3) Deliver meals to shut-ins!
Bold: you can deliverer a meal and a surprise! What could be better? Keep up such goodness and you’ll become the new Mother Theresa. Eventually they’ll have to recognize your supreme efforts with your own stamp. You’ll be so elevated on the pedestal they’ll never believe you put your pants on one leg at a time.

4) Invite others and host a No Pants BBQ!
Chicken, beer, lawn chairs and No Pants. Those are ingredients to making a good time. Send an email right now, start getting everything assembled so you won’t be caught with pants down when everybody shows up.

5) Make the move and finally ask out that cute girl you got your eye on!
Look…if she’s put off by your obvious lack of pants this isn’t somebody you want in your life. Though you can point out to her this is no trailer…she’s getting the whole movie.

Pantslessness is who you are; it’s a vital part of your life. And if she wants to be with you it’s something she’ll have to embrace. So go…charm the pants off her! Plus…so early on in the relationship you’ve settled the who wears the pants? debate.

6) Attend an Iron Man Midnight screening!
If you’re shy no worries…the room is dark! And everybody will be distracted by a leather clad Scarlett SoSexy kickin major butt and knocking the pants off bad guys! (My tummy just rumbled…might have to go get movie popcorn for lunch).

7) Work to make No Pants Day a National Holiday!
Working and No Pants don’t mix. We clearly need this day off. Harass, badger and demand your local and federal government officials into making this a National Holiday. Be creative: you can so pull this off smarty pants!

8) Get Mom a gift!
Mother’s day is this Sunday…do you have a gift? Go shopping for Mom. Or even better…impress her and make something for her. Mom can always use another lopsided ashtray…even if she doesn’t smoke. Pants have always hindered creativity but not today…today you’re free.

So let your imagination go streaking…Carpe diem this awesome day’s energies instead of always going by the seat of your pants. While everyone else will be on the mall on Sunday scrambling to find a gift you’ll be cucumber. As in cool as.

Any others you can come up with? Comments are below.

Ah…No Pants Day. For me that’s Everyday.


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