Girth Radio Regulations

So this is super cool and I can’t believe this is happening. (At this point my immigrant parents are hoping to hear either the word marriage or baby so I’m thankful I’m sharing this news with you my pressureless peers instead): some nice people have decided to give me my own radio show. Yo!

And it’s funtastic because it’s online so I can drop “craptacular” on the air!

And I can bring in guests for interviews bands for true…but also comic book creators, stand up comics and other folks who make a living slinging arts and crafts.

And I can play music…whatever I want. Even Go Ninja Go! Shucks.

And…as I said to the station manager in the negotiations…it’s radio so I don’t have to wear pants.
“Sammy!! There’s webcams in the studio.”
“Meh, doesn’t bother me, I’m cool wid that.”
“Well, it bothers me. Pants Please.”

Sigh. You have to give a little to get a little.

Still, aside from pants this is such a sweet opportunity and I’m super thankful and super hyper.

We’ll be doing some audio tests and such over the next week or so.

More details will be coming soon.


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