Cameron House Gig

Ok so most of you guys know my pal Jordan…from Sam Hell and the editor of my poetry book Red Letter Nights. He and another friend Mark are in this band called Vas Vega. They’re starting a residency on Monday nights, starting on the 10th and I’ll be opening for them…every Monday night with a couple of poems.

I’m starting off with 2 Jordan poems. Of course!

We’ll see how that goes, hopefully well. The stage is the weakest aspect of my game so I really need to shore that up, and this will be great since it’s a non-poetry crowd. I want to get my stuff more into those non-poetry types! And with having it every Monday night like this for a while I should improve and grow.

If you can’t come on the 10th it’s all the same every Monday night, just a different band or two (Vas Vega and I will remain the constants).

Feel free to invite or bring anybody else including ladies, a night out is always fun.

10 January • 8:00 – 11:00pm
The Cameron House
408 Queen Street W.
Cover: $5

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