The Yang & Ying of Crave

In Canada Crave is like the PC brand Netflix…heh but it’s got some decent stuff! (No Frills for real…)

I was shocked to see on January 27 they’ve picked up Unbanned: The Legend of AJ1!!

Check out this trailer…

This is weird to say but for January 2020? Crave has better offerings than Netflix AND Amazon Prime.

I know.

Crave TV is killing it in January! Here’s 2 more dope upcomings:

Thursday, January 23
Star Trek: Picard: Season 1

Sunday, January 26
Season 5 of The Circus starts on Showtime at 8pm.

That’s a solid “weekend.” That’s a decent start to 2020. Excellent timing with the Circus’ return.

I read this in the NY Times:

“Andrew Yang began his closing statement at the last Democratic debate with a charming bit of self-deprecation: “I know what you’re thinking, America. How am I still on this stage with them?”

Yang has never been elected to any office. He is a businessman who has never run a major company. Even so, he is one of the Democratic Party’s seven leading candidates for an election that everybody agrees is desperately important. The other six on the debate stage included another businessman who’s never held office and a mayor who has never won an election with more than 10,991 votes.”

ummm Trump killed that logic. I’d expect that from Fox but not the NY Times.

Yang produces an odd panic when people start to think he can win and they resort to that subpar narrative. I saw a bit more of that “criticism” towards the end of December.

So strange.


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