The End of The Clash

Searching my email for something else and this raw email from 2002 was included in the search results. On Monday December 23, 2002 I learned about Joe Strummer’s so I reached out to a fellow Clash fan.

My condolences are offered to you Brother on the recent passing of Joe Strummer. Though I think we’re all a little poorer for his passing.

It’s almost unfair now to think about the possibilities, no matter how remote, of The Clash resuming the fiery vision which propelled their music and smoothly separated them from so many of the bands that would follow.

Bono acknowledges: “The Clash was the greatest rock band. They wrote the rule book for U2.” But more in these political charged times, we need fierce soldiers like The Clash, out there on the front lines, disturbing our apathy and challenging our mindsets. I guess none of that was meant to be for 2003.
How sad.

What was true then is true now. Where are our best soldiers?


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