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Man…Oliver Sacks, yo:

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Brand vs Medium: David Bowie

From the man who penned “we can be heroes,” prophecy more profound than an Amazing Kreskin clairvoyance comes this staggering insight:
“After a couple of false starts, he launched his first brand called…David Bowie.

Some time later, in a BBC interview, he rationalised what had been instinctive: “I thought, well here I am. I’m a bit sort of mixed up creatively.

“I’ve got all sorts of things going on, that I’m doing on stage or whatever. I’m not quite sure if I’m a mime or a songwriter or a singer – or do I want to go back to painting again. Why am I doing these things anyway? And I realised it was because I wanted to be well known, basically.

“And that I wanted to be thought of as someone who was very much a trendy person, rather than a trend. I didn’t want to be a trend, I wanted to be the instigator of new ideas. I wanted to turn people on to new ideas and new perspectives. And so I had to govern everything around that.

“So I pulled myself in, and decided to use the easiest medium to start off with – which was rock and roll – and to add bits and pieces to it over the years, so that by the end of it, I was my own medium. That’s why I do it, to become a medium.”



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Work vs Hustle: Detroit An American Autopsy

“What our generation failed to learn was the nobility of work. An honest day’s labor. Instead of working, we figured we could be hustlers and salesmen and gamblers and partiers. Work was for suckers. If anybody had told us such a thing existed, we probably would have tired to become New York bankers and stockbrokers. And I have no doubt we would have been good at it too.” ~Charlie LeDuff {Detroit: An American Autopsy pages 32-33}

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Brian Eno Says…

“And then another crop of questions:

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