Masai’s Mess

This whole story is so convoluted. Security at NBA Finals games especially when a team wins is vastly different than a typical regular season NBA game. It’s supposed to be tighter and more restrictive because you don’t want fans bum-rushing the floor.

Most NBA Finals have a “do you know who I am!” moment because winning team execs (suits), Nike suits, media and other non-basketball looking people need to get down to the floor but security doesn’t know who they are. In Masai’s case, this is the first that a “do you know who I am!” moment has lead to charges.

And this was the last NBA game at Oracle. So all security had extra pressure to ensure that fans didn’t rip off part of the building.

That’s a lot going on before the incident. It still could be racial profiling it could be a sore loser (other visible minorities successfully made it to the floor without incident) it could be both…I dunno.

I don’t like these stories where hot takes outnumber facts. This isn’t a racial story this is bad…bad…bad journalism.

This is symptomatic of how piss poor our journalism has become; it is unable to actually do the work.

How many NBA officials have been interviewed? How come other non-famous and visible minorities were able to make it to the floor without incident? What were the instructions given to all security personnel? What was Golden State’s role as an organization in this? And so on. Come back when you have facts and sources and done interviews and most especially context. Otherwise, I’ve no interest in your position. If anything your position is so unsteady it shouldn’t be listened to at all…less talking heads and more knowledge please and thank you.


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