Golden Wonders

Couple night ago I attended The Toronto Magic Company show at Super Wonder Gallery in Little Italy. So good!

Little Italy is like patio furniture for me I bust that stuff out when it’s spring/Summer. I haven’t gone at all during this long winter so this was my first visit in months. I got off the streetcar early so I can walk down the street; see what’s gone…what’s new.

We lost a cool bookstore (RIP!). Couple new restaurants. Big Chill ice cream joint is still there. And even though it never made sense hood wise Duff’s Wings…they’re tasty so I’m not surprised it has lasted.

As I had some time before the Carnival of Wonders I was gonna drop by Golden Wheat for a tea and treat. Golden Wheat is a Portuguese bakery slash cafe. But when I got there it was this new restaurant!!

Instantly I cursed out this myopic city and these lousy millennials who have no sense of history and the obtuse nature of this society that doesn’t treasure anything good in this world even kicking some discarded piece of something on the sidewalk and I looked to the right and there it was.

The restaurant beside Golden Wheat had changed over. Golden Wheat was still open and still Golden Wheat. Oh. Okay then.

The Portuguese custard tarts…the black tea it’s all there. The loud Portuguese discussions you can’t tell if they’re arguing or just being ethnic loud. Both?

I didn’t apologize for my harsh comments and just went inside for the tea and treat I so did not earn. A-hem.


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