Can I Have My Politics To Go? My Takeaway

Andrew Yang is out of the next debate because he didn’t meet the threshold in enough “approved polls” and this follows Cory Booker dropping out.

Today on Twitter (where else! Twitter is the worst Cheers ever. So much for “taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot…”) modern liberals (whatever that word means now) are furious the current debate and nominees are basically white dudes.

ummm assuming there was no political machine chicanery you had choices. Castro, Kamala Harris was a two-fer female and black yet they all failed to catch fire and more importantly attention. So that’s it.

Fight Club was a box office bomb; I paid for it and enjoyed it and tried to tell people to check it out. Nobody did until it got to video. Some success is better than no success?

The classic they: they’re demanding a candidate who fulfills diversity, can beat Trump and can somehow run the country (well) once elected.

This isn’t Wendy’s yo. You gotta make compromises here. As a society we’re getting louder and dumber. How is that possible? Google is fast and free.

Liberals are fixated on this notion that “it’s time.”

We shoulda hadda woman president by now. That’s not how clocks much less progress works. Knicks haven’t made the playoffs since 2013. Do you think they can just get up and say it’s time we return to NBA glory and start winning championships?

It’s like they’re overestimating how much demand there is for diversity because they’re underestimating how much racism and sexism there really is. Without common established measurable metrics it is difficult to have a common hope.

That’s today’s frustrated rant.


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