Call In Sick Excellent Excuses

Behold The Power of Social Media!

“I need help Facebookers. I’m calling in sick today (boss won’t check…you’re not supposed to check Facebook at work, hah!) so my Dad and I can road trip to ye old casino, smoke cigars and hit the buffet (lock up your daughters etc.).

What’s a good one day illness that I can claim as my excuse?”

Some quality answers I got in response to my Facebook post:
Food poisoning
The generic 24-hour stomach bug
Explosive diarrhea
Constipation… That’s a new angle in the now over used diarrhea.
That “not-so-fresh” feeling?
gastrointestinal issues….or lady problems, but for you that might bring up more questions.
Potato famine

All good!

I’ve be sure to save this list for future call in “sick” to work days.


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