I Ain’t Playing Around With The NBA Play-In Tournament

Having lived through another NBA Play-In Tournament my negative emotions and dislike of the experience has only deepened.

It’s still a Hell. No.

The quality of the Play-In games is not a factor; you can’t cherry pick the exciting games over the dull games. So Minnesota was hype…who cares. We also hadda tolerate Spurs vs Pelicans. 2 small market teams battling it out? Why?

Or like the uber boring Hawks vs Hornets game is a prime example of why the Play-In Tournament sucks. It’s so dumb.

Doubling down on a bad idea doesn’t suddenly make it a good idea This is as stupid as the old “East is weak; let’s hastily rearrange the NBA Playoffs setup.” junk. I never agreed with those clowns either.

Here’s Evan Mobley’s NBA Post-Season debut (keep in mind all the dumb Play-In stats don’t register for the playoffs or count as regular season! They’ll never be on his record.):

19 points
7 rebounds
2 assists
2 blocks
69.2 FG% That’s decent. Especially for a Rookie. And it doesn’t matter.

All the Play-In games are dumb and stupid. It’s a let’s get this crap over with chore.

Thankfully the real NBA Playoffs following these worthless games.

I will happily conceded it was nice to have no LeBron James; that loser is 1-2-3 Cancun! Even if it is so disrespectful to Kobe to have LeBron James sitting at home after missing the NBA Playoffs. Again. And as a Laker. Just Rude.

How sweet is that? That Play-In junk is done…until next year. In conclusion…Bart Simpson is right: The NBA’s Play-In is a land of contrast.


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