My 1950s Submarine Dream

I had the strangest dream.

I dreamt that a bunch of us were trapped on a submarine (the watercraft vessel, not the sandwich food; this is a dream so either scenario makes sense. But yes the Navy submersible.).

Only on this submarine each of the rooms was decorated like a Leave It to Beaver 1950s style living room. Imagine the Wonder Years house mashed into a submarine.

And I was in this 1950s living room (in a submarine) on a couch trying to read a book and sip my tea when this strange woman kept pacing and panicking because we were all going to die. She was convinced we were trapped and we were running out of time and air.

Her panic was deeply obnoxious and unnecessary so I sighed and left the room. I got up with my book and my tea to the next room yet another 50s style living room and there was a 10-year-old kid on the floor playing video games on a handheld device with no headphones.

That’s it. When I awoke that’s all I remember. I ah…understand there’s some sexual connotations to dreaming about a submarine but the rest I haven’t a clue what any of that means.

I recently switched cereals…I ate a large bowl of Sugar Crip before bed. Could that be to blame?


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