X-ceptional Blessings

Oh speaking of Uncanny the current X-Men issues (X-Men Legacy 238-241) are taking place in Mumbai. One of the X-Men is Indian, Indra and has to honour an arranged marriage. Course it’s a comic book so nothing unfolds smoothly and they’ve run into The Children of the Vault.

It’s kinda cool watching them traipse through India, they even threw in some Sentinels. Yesss…ruckus! This is all Mike Carey’s X-Men run…what’s he’s done with the X-Men is utterly astonishing.

He literally built their world, brick by brick so that it’s so real, so dense. His X-book and Jonathan Hickman’s current Fantastic Four run are like watching Jordan’s historic 72 win season or Jackson’s dancing display at Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever…you know this stuff is not only popular now but it’ll have fashionable ripple effects for generations.

Long after I’m bones in a box kids are gonna discover these comics and be equally amazed. It’s really astounding all the pop culture we’ve gotten to see and do these 30 odd years on this planet. Blessed.


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