Who Is Neil Gaiman?!

Explain this one to me.

At FanExpo…at a comic book dealer. I’m charging into an S bin so of course the first few comics in the bin is all Sandman (Sa…). The kid next to me, maybe 18 at most…gasps in surprise. “I didn’t know Neil Gaiman wrote Sandman??!” I’m so startled, I turn to look at him with a WTF expression.

He turned to his friend and says proudly: “Neil Gaiman wrote American Gods, remember how good that is?” You know when something so absurd is happening and you need somebody to confirm this is going down? My friend was off at another booth. I mean come on Neil Gaiman is “only” known for Sandman (that’s not a knock, he’s written many great things but Sandman is the claim to fame).

His friend is all hmmm. Do you think his Sandman is any good? I flipped the table, comics everywhere. I can’t deal with these nerds.

How do you know who Neil Gaiman is but have no concept of who he is? That makes no sense!!


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