Uncle Poutine

At this Fancy Pants event…this 3 year old tugged on my pants asking for french fries. Do I look like a French Fry Pimp? I asked her if she wanted one fry, 272.6 fries or 1001 fries. Without hesitating she demanded 1001 fries. Sigh: Women.

As I got closer to the french fry station I discovered it was…make your poutine! Damn.

I looked down at the kid…”Yo, child, you’re getting poutine. Oh Yeah!” She shot me this “you so crazy” look. I piled her 1001 fries high, gently covered the pile in curd cheese and then lovingly drowned the masterpiece in gravy.

I handed her the plate before I could get her a fork. When I turned back with her fork…gravy everywhere. She was fisting poutine into her mouth with her hand. Oh My.

I shrugged and walked away, s’not my kid: though thankfully she really digs poutine.


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