Free Love: My Shout Out in Growing Up Forty

This is freshtastic. Rob Gaudette recently launched Growing Up Forty a pop culture blog celebrating comics and movies and video games from a 40-ish POV. He’s killing it.

He recently posted one of the fisticuffs we’ve been having and concluded the post with this:
“Finally, if you’re on Twitter, follow Sammy. His opinions and conversations will either infuriate you or make you laugh out loud. May or may not be best read while going to the bathroom, I leave that to you.”

Outstanding branding! I wish I could cram all that onto a business card…what an excellent way to kick off the weekend. See you in hell pants…


Press: The Product 10 with Sammy Younan

So as I wrote before I got to be a model for my profile in Product Magazine. Surreal.

And now you can read The Product 10 with Sammy Younan:

How I answered the most underrated movie question…clearly I’m one of those who can kill a game show at home but under pressure folds up faster than a pop up tent pitched by a lousy boy scout suburbanite. Bonus…feel free to enjoy the playlist as you go to work, beat back White Christmas for a couple more days!

NXNE Press Preview

The NewMusic Ten NXNE showcase got some press…and as you can see based on the photo, they put us next to B.B. King and Nom Nom’s Frozen Yogurt…mmmm. All win!


Thank you!

As seen in What’s YR Take.

NewMusic Ten/S’up Cuz/The SampleBank Interview

I’ve been blessed with the lovely opportunity to sit down with the charming Ronit Rubinstein from PRODUCT Magazine! The magazine, in their words covers: “Amazing People, Places and Great Things!” And last I checked I am a noun! (I’m feeling tender these days…usually when the self-esteem is higher I feel like a verb, you know how it goes).

Check this out…I am Ronit’s first magazine interview…how cool is that?

We talked about NewMusic Ten, S’up Cuz…creativity and more!

Look for that in January 2013. I know my Mom will be on the lookout.

Oh but in the meantime look for Ronit’s book…she and 2 others edited City Voices: A Book of Monologues by Toronto Artists.

You can visit one of the following: a) the pantsless option: or b) the pants option: TheatreBooks, The Glad Day Bookshop, Tarragon Theatre.

NewMusic Ten/S’up Cuz/The SampleBank Interview

This XConnect interview had a huge impact on me. In the past when I’ve done interviews it was typically for 1 product or 1 company, say just a S’up Cuz interview. This interview we discussed everything…NewMusic Ten, S’up Cuz, The SampleBank all kinds of goodness.

I understand how broad interviews make me appear unfocused (I’m sure I appear scattered on this website) however I’ve adopted the exact same business model as Richard Branson’s Virgin (expect space, that I can’t afford…for now). Ultimately I’m motivated by stories: telling my stories or telling the stories of others. The great thing about social media and the web is…the campfire which we all gather around has gotten way bigger. There are not only more stories but now more storytellers. We live in one of the greatest eras!

Anyways this is my story:

Special thanks to Karim Kanji, thirdocean, XConnectTO and Karim Awad of big time design for making this happen. Oh and Harth TV.

The SampleBank Interview

Sammy Younan from dropped into the XConnectTV studios to chat with Karim Kanji:

NewMusic Ten: Hypebot Love

Hypebot writer Clyde Smith wants to know if you’re enticed by the NewMusic Ten premise:

NewMusic Ten: Anti-iTunes Pop-Up Shop

I would have included NewMusic Ten in an earlier music discovery roundup, but I mistakenly thought it was a service offering music bundling. But that’s on me cause I should have realized from the press release that “online music’s first ever pop up shop” is the “anti-iTunes coupled with eHarmony.”

NewMusic Ten offers a monthly selection of an album or EP from each of 10 artists. At the end of the month, everything is erased including comments and a new batch is introduced. And, before too awfully long, the whole thing will be gone because it’s “designed with obsolescence in mind.” Enticed?

Hypebot NewMusic Ten

NewMusic Ten: Alan Cross Love

The estimable Alan Cross has posted a blog about NewMusic Ten. So cool!

NewMusic Ten Alan Cross ReviewAlan writes: “NewMusic Ten aims to encourage people to linger on this music and perhaps savour it for a while before the ADD kicks in again.”

Yup. He gets it. You can read the rest of his post.

As for NewMusic Ten you can see that HERE.

S’up Cuz & Red Letter Nights Interview: TGT Media at FanExpo 2011

I had the immense privilege of spending a few moments being interviewed by Kurt Sasso from TGT Media.

We talked about creativity, a couple who came by our booth on their honeymoon (nerds in love!), S’up Cuz t-shirts, my book Red Letter Nights and of course…candy!

Always give em something sweet!

Check it:

SXSW Panel Picker: The Innovation Seduction: Musicians Meeting Nerds

The Innovation Seduction: Musicians Meeting Nerds Alright so here it be…our SXSW panel is now live!

It’s called The Innovation Seduction: Musicians Meeting Nerds. It’s about how musicians need to get going and start seeking soft innovations. Mash up the scene, yo!

And you know what? I want to get it. I don’t care about the odds. And I don’t want to get it for my own fame or glory. No.

I want to get it because the folks assembled here the A-Team. They are the best kept secrets but it’s time to blab. They should all be household names, with every move covered by TMZ and in interviews they should be casually remarking they are bigger than Jesus.

Plus I’m too old to do something small.

Introductions: here are the folks on the SXSW panel:

Karim Awad is the Q to my James Bond: when it comes to the technical stuff he always makes me look good. He is the Principal and Creative Director of big time design & communication which…in this small space I can’t even describe all the cool things those gents get into. Karim enjoys painting.

Travis Persaud is a writer, editor for Chart (RIP), Exclaim, Zoomer and I dunno what else. I dunno how many bands he’s seen, maybe he doesn’t other, but he is guy from Almost Famous, he hangs out with the bands. 5-9 Productions is his shift into PR and marketing and as my shrink: dude always takes the time to listen to me.  Travis enjoys quality cigars.

Lana Gay lives in Vancouver blogging, twittering, djing and so much more for CBC3; her delightful show is called Lanarama. Naturally curious always playful she would totally fit in on Pirate Radio (she’s damn funny!). Lana enjoys Scooby-Doo.

So…go: get people to vote. Ring the alarm. Spread the word about this panel and let’s see what can we do to make it happen.

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