NBA Playoffs 2010 Predictions: Round 2

Yes! Things are heating up! He’s on fire! This really is the most magical time of year. Here’s what I see going on for Round 2.

Series 1: Cavaliers (No. 1) VS Celtics (No. 4)

Prediction: Cavs in 6.

Sigh. Cavs in 6.  But. But! If Celtics can eat enough Lucky Charms, Jump Around and brawl their way to a Game 7–they could get lucky: off to the conference finals! Quick somebody rub Bono’s glasses for luck and love.

Series 2: Magic (No. 2) VS Hawks (No. 3)

Prediction: Magic in 5.

Step right up! Don’t be shy. We’ve got Magic and Hawks. All that’s missing is a bearded lady and a hall of mirrors. Hall of famers for sure is missing…the Hawks were woeful against the Bucks. Ultimately in this freakshow the Magic are main attraction. They’re going big time…quick somebody get them an agent.

Series 1: Lakers (No. 1) VS Jazz (No. 5)

Prediction: Lakers in 6.

Disney is so played out: if it was possible I’d pay handsomely to get a tour-ride in Phil Jackson’s head. He’s well on his way to getting the Lakers to the Big Dance. Again. While the Jazz are formidable their solo is just about done. Shame too as they’ve played well and strong this playoffs. Quick somebody book me a 3 day pass for Jackson’s head.

Series 2: Suns (No. 3) VS Spurs (No. 7)

Prediction: Suns in 6.

Ask Mark Cuban. Beware of waking the sleeping giant: the Spurs have stopped hitting the snooze button. That said I don’t think there is enough gas in the tank to motor past the Suns. Grant Hill is playing well, sweet surprise, it’s like his early Piston days. It sure is gonna make a big difference. Quick somebody bottle the fountain of youth.

Overall Lakers still appear Finals destined while the East…I dunno. I can see the Magic coming out all of that. Gonna be interesting no matter what.


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