Mind The Gap: On The Quest for Love & Conversation

What’s the evolution of the interview? The conversation?

What’s the next iteration in how we celebrate, authenticate, legitimatize and authorize our favourite Cultural Contributors?

Established celebrities have late night talk shows, oscar specials, press junkets etc. The standard hype machines that boringly ask boxers or briefs and use Oprah for apologies and to paper towel TMZ indiscretions.

Starting out and genuine indie Creative Contributors have access to blogs, podcasts etc….type indie for any creative act and there is an equally robust indie media to support it.

No money in indie but tons of passion and genuine aesthetic…which of course is missing from the Major Media. Understandably, you get to a certain level and you can’t be openly critical, then it’s just biting the hands that literally feed you.

That generates a gap…when you’re no longer Indie but not mainstream.

Think Questlove…even being on Fallon, a bestselling book, most people can’t name 3 Roots songs. Or know that he operates as Jay-Z’s cultural sherpa. You know Questlove but you don’t KNOW Questlove.

Hello I am Questlove! (AP Photo/Carlo Allegri)

So where do go from here?

How do we address the gap creatives?

Sorry if that’s a bit heavy for a Saturday afternoon. If it matters I wrote all this pantslessly.


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