How To Say Good-Bye on Facebook

So Strange: on Facebook I have 2 dead friends. And every so often somebody will write on their walls and they’ll appear in my feed.

It’s startling. It’s like you’re back…and I just got used to our silence. In between all this Facebook life of babies, relationships beginning and ending, memes and cutting edge sarcasm creeps this unsettling subtle death.

You! You missed so many albums…so much outstanding music. It’s shameful but I can barely remember how you danced. You’d have a lot of fun with the online radio station and all the cool things we get to do.

You! You missed so many incredible comic books. Dude, as a sci-fi fan you’d have been elated by Hickman’s Fantastic Four run. Oh and Batman: there are just no words to convey all you’ve missed out on. Arguments, debates, fist bumps and insights all unspoken and lost like an undiscovered archeological object.

I don’t write on their walls. I guess I don’t believe in ghosts. And yet I don’t unfriend them. So here we are: the living and the dead. Technology is the long good-bye.


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