Boggie Battle 2011: Twitter Updates

Argh! Planning for TheSampleBank is taking up way to much time. I’m afraid I’ll have to postpone this. Sorry…

Boggie Battle 2011

The Battle:
I am officially calling Ellen out. That’s right. It’s time to step up to the dance floor for some good old fashioned shake and bake. Some rattle and some roll. Tootsie roll that is.

The rules are simple. The setting is her show, she brings the dj, heck she can even pick the music (occasionally I am a gentleman), I bring the flattened cardboard and the 100% most awesome dancing skills. We dance; we battle, never giving up an inch. The audience decides the winner.

Or in this case, crown me winner and Ellen does her best not to cry.

She's Sweet and All But Victory Is Mine!

The Story So Far…
1) I sent her a package including the challenge and a video of some of incredible moves. (She’s lucky I consider her a worthy opponent but well, I could use the practise, she’ll do).

2) Lean back sipping Roarin’ Raspberry Cranberry Kool-Aid as she quakes in fear, her silence speaking volumes. (Sure hope she’s got Lysol as I am gonna mess up her show).

3) Continue to call her out via the magic of Twitter, knowing her delayed response is just a frantic search for guts. This is go time, it’s a war and there are no prisoners, just a whiner and a winner.

Only 1 can win Boggie Battle 2011.

It begins…NOW:


January 3, 2011
Launched my challenge in Boogie Battle 2011! Not surprised @Ellen_Degeneres is scared quiet! I might go ez on her…might.

January 12, 2011:
I wonder if @Ellen_Degeneres is so scared she’s bought depends.

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