Pantsworthy NXNE: June 21, 2015

And just like that…the party is over!

Last day of NXNE but wait…there are 2 events worthy of pants!

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Pantsworthy NXNE: June 20, 2015

Today is a special NXNE day for it features the best event at the festival…the M for Montreal boat cruise. They give you free ice cream! How could you not want to get on a boat, loafing on the deck yamming ice cream? How!

More NXNE Pantsworthy recommendations…

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Pantsworthy NXNE: June 19, 2015

Friday June 19…it’s I dunno what day of NXNE and there is lots of ruckus and action and adventure to behold.

Here’s some good Girth recommendations:

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Pantsworthy NXNE: June 18, 2015

Thursday June 18…Day 2 of NXNE 2015. The party train zooms on, let’s all get on and see where we end up tonight.

Not NXNE related but fun…tonight’s In Session Guest will be the Ivory Hours. Come by the Pacific Junction Hotel bar at 6:30pm. Or come later to hear a DJ and Ellis Dea…it’s Girth’s NXNE Fantastic Fun!

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Pantsworthy NXNE: June 17, 2015

Wednesday June 17…it’s NXNE and you want to put on pants and hit the town…what do you see? You can’t just put on pants casually…right?

Here’s some recommendations:

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NewMusic Ten NXNE Showcase Reviews: The Arts Scene


Talia Crockett from The Arts Scene came to the NewMusic Ten NXNE showcase and had this to say about 2 of the acts, while Adnan Mohamedbhai took many crazy good photos, check it all below:

“Local country duo The Lovelocks is an undoubtedly multi-talented act. Not only do these ladies create sweet harmonies with their voices, but they also display talent on the fiddle, mandolin, and acoustic guitar to complement and enrich their lovely covers.” Read More.

“{Tara Priya} combines traditional soul and contemporary pop to create a truly unique musical amalgamation.” Read More.

Twitter Love!
Adnan Mohamedbhai ?@AD_TO
PHOTOS: The amazing & adorable due @HeyLovelocks rock out at the Measure during @NXNE #NXNE

NewMusic Ten NXNE Showcase Reviews 2!


Indie Machine photographer Liz Gareri shot several  jaw dropping photos, expertly capturing the NXNE ruckus as it unfolded. Thank you Liz!!

Raya Morrison from The Scene Magazine gave The Cheap Thrills an 8.6/10! “David Hener is a front man to watch.” Read More. High five Raya!!

Twitter Love from Raz Mataz Magazine!
Raz Mataz Magazine ?@razmatazmag
@HeyLovelocks were amazing! Can’t wait to hear their upcoming EP!

Raz Mataz Magazine ?@razmatazmag
@Vibonics Wow. Just woah… Totally blown away. #nxne2013

Raz Mataz Magazine ?@razmatazmag
Ringing ears, big smile – it was a great first night @nxne. Much love to @TaraPriya @HeyLovelocks @Vibonics & The Cheap Thrills !!

NewMusic Ten NXNE Showcase Reviews: Raz Mataz Magazine


The charming Olivia D’Orazio…founder and Editor-in-Chief at Raz Mataz Magazine was present at the NewMusic Ten NXNE showcase: based on these reviews this lady had an extraordinary time. Musta been the cake…or probably all the hard working fun rockin bands.

Tara Priya at NXNE
“On stage, Priya performs with the same high-energy excitement that she always does. Her voice seems to get better and better with each show. It’s strong and powerful and on point for the entire duration of her performance. ” Read More.

The Lovelocks at NXNE
“And that’s the best way to describe The Lovelocks – they’re a wonderful combination of oldies rock-n-roll and country music.” Read More.

Vibonics at NXNE
“The band then jumps into an upbeat jam reminiscent of parties on a beach. And that’s half of the Vibonics’ set – laid-back, up-beat, fun and exciting. The other half is intense, still fun and upbeat, but with more of a serious energy.” Read More.

The Cheap Thrills at NXNE
“Their songs are also energetic – quick-paced and upbeat, certainly engaging the crowd, which is dancing furiously. Each of the instruments work so perfectly together; it’s fast-and-dirty rock and roll.” Read More.

Bonus: Facebook photos from the NewMusic Ten NXNE showcase and other fine NXNE acts like!

Last Night’s Tweets: NewMusic Ten’s NXNE Showcase

Last night was the first NewMusic Ten NXNE showcase. 5 outstanding Artists: Tara Priya, The Lovelocks, Vibonics, The Cheap Thrills, The Dirty Names. I am deeply grateful for everybody who made this happen…from NXNE, to the bands, to the NewMusic Ten team, to Measure (the venue). Just under 250 people showed up…on a school night no less…to sing, dance, hang out, yam free cake and discover new music. And as grateful as I am I’m equally sorry everybody had to wear pants. Pants are not very rock n roll. Next time…I will fix this! Oh…and yeah, there will be a next year. Yes Guy!


At this year’s @NXNE festival ?@NewMusicTen hosted and arranged a freshtastical @NXNE showcase @MeasureTO in Toronto on June 12, 2013. 5 outstanding bands who should all be selling out and playing the ACC, instead humbly agreed to play our first ever festival showcase. I remain deeply grateful to them, their talents, and their courage to share their music with us and well with anybody who is willing to hear. And of course I deeply appreciate everyone who came out, grabbed a slice of cake, took handfuls of candy when they thought nobody was looking and danced, danced, danced.

Thank you to NXNE for letting us put on this party…can we do it all again next year?

Here are some of the best tweets from last night’s NewMusic Ten NXNE showcase!

Comedy Records ?@ComedyRecords
Check out New Music 10 show tonight as part of @nxne Produced by our buddy @mypalsammy

Olivia D’Orazio @oliviadoRAZ
LOVED every single performer!!

Gilles LeBlanc ?@ROCKthusiast
Birthday wishes to one of the singers of The Lovelocks, complete with cake and LOOT BAGS! What other #NXNE13 showcase has that?

Raz Mataz Magazine ?@razmatazmag
{The cake} was delicious! Can’t beat a band that feeds its audience!

Lana Gay @LanaGay
There is cake and candy at the @NewMusicTen showcase?!? Bonus! Also, NMT is a great concept, check it out. #nxne

Dahlia Younan @dahliayou
Lovely seeing the beautiful ?@LanaGay at tonight’s awesome @NewMusicTen event. Well done Sammy!

Scott Howard ?@howardscottj
@mypalsammy good tunes, bad-ass t-shirts, cool venue, and cake! Best #NXNE13 showcase I’ve been too. ?@NewMusicTen thanks 4 invite

Mel Carrey @MelCarrey
@mypalsammy we had a blast! Great show. I’m still finding candy in my purse lol

Liz Gareri @LizGareri
so much fun!!!

The Indie Machine @theindiemachine
So much fun…thanks for a great night!

Culture Snap ?@culture_snap
Kudos to @NewMusicTen You did an amazing job with your #NXNE showcase. Great bands and moments Good to see @rockthusiast too 🙂

The Cardinal Points @crdnlpts
Wish we were at the @NewMusicTen showcase at #NXNE tonight.

Follow the hard working and devastatingly handsome NewMusic Team:
Sammy Younan AKA ?NewMusic Ten
Gilles LeBlanc AKA ?@ROCKthusiast
Henry VanderSpek AKA @culture_snap

Follow all the diverse and incredibly talented performers:
?Tara Priya
?The Lovelocks
?The Dirty Names

Edited and written by Sammy Younan.

NewMusic Ten NXNE Showcase Previews


Tomorrow is the first NewMusic Ten NXNE showcase! To say we’re ecstatic and all ants in our pants would be obvious.

So we’re sharing some preview love!

The Lovelocks in the Examiner talk about musical families, campfires, crowdfunding and NXNE 2013.

Toronto Star suggests you check out Tara Priya…clearly writer Chris Young has excellent taste!

The Scene Magazine suggests The Cheap Thrills! Thank you Darrell.

Edited & written by Sammy Younan

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