Your Surface Habits

“Is that a good book?”

As there’s no talking on the subway I looked up to the woman standing over me. Seriously? Sigh. I’m reading Dangerous by Milo Yiannopoulos.

I picked it up because pop culture hysteria is always ridiculous: shooting Elvis from the waist up (lol!!), Seduction of the Innocent, Disco Demolition Night, Marilyn Manson–Columbine, the church vs playing cards etc. What’s the big deal? Only one way to find out.

But to answer her question…Stephen King books are good/bad. This is non-fiction: I’ve still got 60 pages left in the book; following that I hafta digest it and understand what I read. “Ah…he makes some good points; others I don’t agree with…I think?” Weak answer but I haven’t thought that far ahead. Ask me in a week or two.

She nodded. “It’s interesting because he’s been vilified.”

Sure: that’s the natural response when you don’t parrot the established talking points from either the left or the right…you get put in time out and isolated. Which I began envying Milo because: there’s no talking on the subway! No talking; no eye contact.

Don’t bring your surface habits down to our underground society. Thankfully she got off the next stop: I finished the chapter and switched to an Aquaman comic book.


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