Yo Joe! Drinking Game

So it’s almost 3am. For the last week or so…every day I’ve been watching G.I. Joe episodes on Teletoon Retro at 2:30am.

I try to see how many characters I can remember without looking it up online. I’ve been killing it…so sad. So much nonsense in my head.

Tonight’s was hard! I got

Dial Tone

but where I flopped badly was I could only name 1 Dreadnok! So fired!!

I got Monkeywrench!

I couldn’t even name Zarana…and I had the bloody action figure! (She was one of those action figures that would change in the Sun!)

I sat for like 10 minutes trying to identify this one character…it was Leatherneck! D’oh!

We should turn this into a drinking game…


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