We Need A Word For…#1

We Need A Word For…

when you’re watching a movie/tv on a tablet and the warning alert comes up yo you only have 10% battery left but also like 20 or 30 minutes of video left so you decide to gamble dismissing the alert which is sort of a mad mixture of contempt and hubris only now it’s dangerous because if somebody walks into the room and interrupts you: you either have to put the video on pause or rewind 10 seconds creating Hulk like rage with realistic potential to cut them only not with your eyes so focus sweating profusely as you’re scrambling to finish the damn video you realize in a panic you left the charger at work so this is it, everything is riding on the next few minutes which sucks as all this panic is distracting you from what you’re watching especially it’s near the end so significant reveals are happening and what did she say…it doesn’t matter keep going there isn’t any time to rewind I can just fake it at parties or search for spoilers on twitter so frustrating my leg is now asleep I…can’t…move and bah…finished! With 1% battery left.

Take That Hectic Modern Life.


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