We Lost Ida

Normally I’m not comfortable expressing vulnerability. Which admittedly is odd for a writer who makes a living slinging emotions.

Still…here goes:

My Dad’s in Egypt caring for his ill sister; my aunt. Sadly she passed away. Which in a way is a blessing, as she’s no longer suffering. On the phone she didn’t sound good at all. Still sad: she was a cool and classy lady.

Around this time last year when she and I were in California she remarked that while my book was well written she didn’t fully get all the youth (i.e. pop culture) references. Fair enough, I don’t exactly write her for demographic.

So I got some tea and sat by the edge of her bed and gave her an exclusive director’s commentary on each of the poems in my book. Kinda like a reverse Tuesdays With Morrie or something. Fun moment.

Shortly after I got that news of her passing a friend called me to say his father in law passed away. A sad grim way to end the week. He and I will be going out for wings and beer soon, toasting the people that were. And the people we’ll become.

S’it. Not much else to say. However my sister wrote an eloquent heartfelt response to the passing of my aunt and I share it:
> Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2011 11:09:11 -0500
> Subject: A time to be born, a time to die…
> Dear Friends,
> My aunt, Ida, has been welcomed home today! As many of you know, she
> has been battling cancer for the past five years and it has not been
> easy. She was an important piece of our family, a matriarch for the
> Younans and will be dearly missed. I am grateful for the opportunity
> to have visited her several times in Los
> Angeles and to see her persevere in spite of all that she went
> through, (trust me, it was a lot to go through). We had many great
> conversations and much laughter together. There’s something
> incredible about not saying much, but the touch of one you love
> surpasses words.
> It is a time of rejoicing, there is no more pain, tears or suffering;
> only joy, and I have the assurance of her resting place with the Lord.
> Ida’s kindness, sweetness and gentleness will not be forgotten and she
> has left an indelible mark in each member of my family. I thank God
> for her, her life and the legacy she is leaving behind.
> I want to thank you for your concern, encouragement and prayers these
> past five years. Your support, hugs and love were greatly needed and
> appreciated.
> Thank you for being great friends to me and I love you all,
> dahlia


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