Visiting The Adam Yauch Park

On May 4, 2012 we lost Adam Yauch AKA MCA. That’s cold: Death taking one of the Beastie Boys. A significant loss to hip hop, music, movies and most importantly shenanigans. Happily horseplay was quickly restored on May 3, 2013 when Palmetto Playground in Brooklyn was renamed the Adam Yauch Park.

In one of those I love it when a plan comes together moments I was heading to Brooklyn on a warm Sunday evening to attend a Mister Saturday Night party. (Yes I’m attending a Sunday afternoon party by Mr. Saturday Night but come on…it’s not you always watch SNL on Saturdays right?). Even more divine…the party was one subway stop from the Adam Yauch park. Fantastic.

So I slipped on fresh Jordans and went to the jam. It was a mad hipster orgy of mustaches, suspenders, t-shirts worn in ironic fashion, Pabst and of course neon bra straps. I drank Mexican Cokes in glass bottles (they’re sweeter then American Coke but not as sweet as Vanilla Coke), yammed slick bbq corn and talked to pretty fashionable tassels about the subtle joys of being disenchanted. I’m down with the lingo, bingo! (I’ll stop now).

With the Sun setting I jumped onto the subway and walked the half block to the Park. Sadly I wasn’t allowed to smoke in the park…a thank you for the music and memories coupled with where does the time all go and what am I doing with my life cigar woulda been sweet but it was not meant to be.

Memorials always fall short. It’s too much of a fierce burden to accurately convey and sum up an individual’s work. Still having a location…in Brooklyn…where play is encouraged as much as loafing on a park bench…it’s all rather fitting. “Born and bred Brooklyn – U.S.A /They all me Adam Yauch – but I’m M.C.A.”

Here’s 4 photos from the Adam Yauch park:

The Adam Yauch Park

The Adam-Yauch-Park

I can't be the only one upset that at the Adam Yauch Park the final No on this sign isn't NO Sleep Till Brooklyn!

I can't be the only one upset that at the Adam Yauch Park the final No on this sign isn't NO Sleep Till Brooklyn!

The bottom line...

Adam Yauch Park chalk graffiti

Adam Yauch Park 3

The bottom line...


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