Undercover Mannequin


I’m walking through the Eaton Centre and as I’m passing by I dunno-what-store I notice something unusual.

There’s a saleslady in the window redressing a naked mannequin (nothing like some unexpected nudity to kick off the weekend…knowwhatIamsaying?) and for some reason…the mannequin is wearing underwear.

Neon bright yellow…underwear.

The saleslady is in the process of pulling up pants on the half naked mannequin…the pants I assume are what the mannequin is on the street corner passively pimping.

Hence my So…

Having never worked retail is there a reason why a mannequin “requires” underoos the public won’t see to sell pants?

Or…is this for the sake of the mannequin who comes alive at night and isn’t “that kind of lady?” (f we’re being honest that actually makes a lot of sense…


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