Transformers Trauma

On August 8, 1986 The Transformers: The Movie opened.

Man just how good was The Transformers: The Movie? Leonard Nimoy, Judd Nelson, Casey Kasem, Robert Stack and Orson Welles. All that glorious Ruckus.

30 Years Later…Transformers: The Movie remains utterly fresh. Have we seen a studio take bold creative risks with an established property since then?

And yet Transformers: The Movie is horrific. They were killing Transformers from the get-go. What! And when those credits rolled…without any resolution (like they all stayed dead!!) damn: we became men.

The movie also ruined G.I. Joe since that movie didn’t have the violence or the body count we’d now come to expect. We’d see the horrors of war…we couldn’t just go back to hooray for everything cartoons!

Bay’s real life Transformers has been a disappointing franchise. Too much time wasted on the puny humans. Focus on the Transformers…they’re so cool! That’s what I am paying for.

Transformers: Age of Extinction is awful; just terrible. I paid for it in more ways than one. But it was worth it just to see Crosshairs in John Woo slow-mo parachutes out emptying his guns. Or even better seeing Optimus Prime riding Grimlock sword out warms my inner 13 year old heart.

30 years later…I’ve gone full circle.


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