#TrailerAlert: August 17, 2020

Amazon release this trailer for this documentary on voting and voter suppression in America this afternoon.

Americans are addicted to “vote!!” as an effective solution but voting has no value if the candidates are lousy. When the system forces voters to choose between Trump or Hillary it’s not clearly not good; it’s clearly not working.

You’re really honestly telling me those are the 2 best choices to represent 300 million people?!

The way the candidates are selected (in America and in Canada); the way we present them…the media all of that needs to be overhauled. In everything else we can research reviews…from cities we’re flying to; to a washer…to a book…there are reviews and opinions and recommendations and suggestions so people can avoid mistakes or bad choices. We don’t really do that properly with political candidates.

The debate used to be can you do more good outside the system or should you get elected and attempt to change the system from within. Now it’s obvious no good comes from within the system.

So yeah voter suppression is a major issue and yes it is racist but if the choices suck that’s not good either. So I hope this doc addresses some/all of that.

All In: The Fight For Democracy is on Amazon Prime on September 18. I’m In! I’ll make some tea and chill with this.

~ Sammy Younan

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