Trailer Alert: The X-Files I Want To Believe

I finally finished the X-Files…last year.

Back in the show’s original run (which wrapped in 2002 a delightfully stone age era with dial up internet, black and white Game Boys) I left when the show moved to LA aka Season 6. In 2014 my restless heart desired to finish the series…watch all 202 episodes and the 2 movies. What a marvelous and flawed run.

The production quality dropped in LA and the less we talk about the second movie the better.

And yet those first 5 seasons are absolutely sci-fi gold. It’s basically a world where supervillains are being created or exist and the only good guys are mortals. Utterly fascinating. And equally bizarre how we consider this time “the golden era of television.”

On March 24, 2015 Fox confirmed X-Files was back and I so want to believe it’ll be as good as those first 5 seasons. The entire cast of friends and foes is back…Walter Skinner, Smoking Man for 6 episodes.

I’m curious how the government conspiracy aspects will play out in this modern incarnation:
A) Towards the end of its original run Bill Clinton a president who if not well liked was closer to cool then we’d ever had faced impeachment. Today President Obama is not well liked by most of his government and is constantly persecuted. We’ve oddly and sadly gone full circle.

ii) The original run Fox (the character not the network) sent 1 text, rest of the time it was all fun and faxes. Now…NSA is spying on us, drones…it’s a post 9-11 world.

In 2016 do we trust the government more or less than we did in 1999?

On a personal side note…now that “they’ve” brought back X-Files I want “them” to bring back Quantum Leap. There’s some unexplored evil with the Evil Leapers. Oh Yes…

The X-Files premieres on January 24, 2016, on Fox.

Here’s a teaser that so lives up to its name, they barely show us any leg:

Sammy’s Status: I’m in. But worried…my heart breaks too easily.

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