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In May 2013 a visit to your neighbourhood cinema offered:

  • Iron Man 3
  • Great Gatsby
  • Star Wrecked 2 (Into Darkness or some such crap)
  • Hangover III
  • Fast & Furious 6

Oh and…Now You See Me armed with one of the strongest marketing draws for a potential blockbuster: low expectations.

Low expectations transformed The Fast and the Furious—a generic undercover cop thriller—into a massive dolla dolla bill franchise. Especially by the third movie the franchise had lost its primary faces and appeared to be flying to close to the Sun. Fast and Furious takeaway: Never let them see you coming!

I eagerly went to see Now You See Me during its opening weekend: using magic to steal and commit criminal acts: I’m down like I’m brown. Engaging with a sarcastic mischief I left the cinema entertained.

Even a reviewing earlier this year affirmed the cheeze, the fun and the yummy magic: Oceans 11 meets Penn & Teller.

Gratefully I’m one of the reasons why there is a sequel. Oh Yes!

Marge Simpson mmm:
The sequel focuses on the continuing adventures of the The Four Horsemen which include Isla Fisher as The High Priestess. Only…she’s not in 2: Isla’s on baby time (in real life). Lizzy Caplan is replacing her…not as the character but just so you know…that there are still Four Horsemen.

If transitions like this aren’t smooth like peanut butter they get crunchy…like peanut butter.

Set for release on June 10, 2016…Now You See Me: The Second Act:

“Smithers, who is this man?”
I’m not sold on Daniel Radcliffe…though I haven’t watched any of the Harry Potters my ignorance could be a boon. Meta-casting wearies me…I get it he was all about magic in Harry Potter and now he’s in a movie about magicians…I get it; I just don’t appreciate it. I ain’t paying for clever; hope his inclusion is not a distraction.

“Cheese It!”
Another new face: this Second Act is directed by Jon M. Chu a Misfit who just suffered a truly outrageous box office beating with Jem and the Holograms. Previously he commercially Surface-d to ably directed G.I. Joe 2 (which featured a delicious and dynamic ninja battle on the side of a mountain!). While I’m not married to original director Louis Leterrier he did earn a thumbs up and high five on Now You See Me. Chu can pull this off; I’m curious to see what he brings to the party.

“Good News, Everyone!”
Now You See Me 3 has been announced. If Lionsgate is smart it’ll build a Now You See Me shared universe like Fast and Furious and Marvel movies. The potential is there; now just have the guts to be bold and creative.

Sammy’s Status: Really just a teaser but enough magic-ruckus that I’m willing to bravely cross the room and offer to buy it a drink.

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