Trailer Alert: Halloween

And Summer is done: fall is death’s waiting room as the icy plague creeps across the land; muting hope and freezing life under a bleak barren winter landscape.

Eh…least we get free candy on Halloween plus all that dressing up! And bonus this year we get a Halloween movie.

I…wow. Just wow. This Halloween trailer is vicious and impressive. I’m In!

Pressure’s on to surpass Halloween H20: still for now we return to Haddonfield, Illinois on October 19, 2018. Welcome back Laurie Strode and Michael Myers.

You know the oddest thing about the latest Halloween movie? The creepy theme song…it makes you nostalgic. That eerie tune used to fill you with dread now it’s an odd longing for a simpler time: look at the Halloween costumes the kids are rocking that’s all pre-cosplay. Simple. So beautiful.

(This past August I had a Fan Expo Observation: Stranger Things has been around since 2016 and its impact on our nerd-conventions continues to be minimal. Prove Me Wrong: come this Halloween see how much Stranger Things costumes you see.)

Evil is real which explains erasing all the Halloween continuity to accommodate this sequel-reboot (and yeah I get it. Halloween movies are not like Star Trek or Marvel comics which come with a dense and vital continuity. Still silly though…we’ll see…) but fine…I got a date with Michael Myers; call the babysitter.


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