Trailer Alert: Becoming Warren Buffett

This is weird but not really. Big Sean’s well penned verse in Detroit Vs. Everybody reminds me of Warren Buffett. Oh you know saying that out…I guess that is weird. So Be It.

Tell this doesn’t describe Warren Buffett:

I’m overrespected
My mama gated community’s overprotective
So futuristic I’m already over my next bitch
Tryna get paid fifty ways a day
Used to put fifty on the layaway
Now my closet fifty shades of grey
26, and I done lived a lifetime a few times
From futons to Grey Poupons
In church tryna get a little savings; yeah, a coupon
I spit that A1 every day, I’m hittin’ new primes
Now the stakes high, niggas surprised at the new lines
Takin’ down my number, like, “You still ain’t got a new line?”
Nah, it’s the same, we been laborin’ for years
I know it took way longer than nine months
But fuck it, it’s all in due time

The powerful gradual accumulation of wealth.
The 50 shades of grey reference between’s Buffett’s ladies: Susan and Astrid.
The high stakes and more.

I dunno…I see it.

Even if you don’t see it do see HBO’s new documentary Becoming Warren Buffett which premieres on January 30 at 1opm.

Enjoy the trailer:


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