Tinder Shamans

Last night love was in the air!! At Pacific Junction Hotel bar sitting down with supa dupa Girth Radio host Sean to talk half business half chillin. To our right I spy a pretty girl: auburn hair, sweet sweater…alone at a table sipping a beer.

I remark to Sean that’s strange…for such a frigid evening why would she put on pants and come here to sip a beer by herself? We shrug at the unsolved mystery and go back to our conversation. But!

Less than a couple of minutes later Dude sitting behind Sweet Sweater Girl was texting and he turns around on his stool and was like oh! Sweet Sweater Girl laughs…there you are! They shook hands and laugh some more as they introduce themselves…it was a blind date!!

They’d miscommunicated and sat next to each other but at different tables. And now they found each other. Sean and I instantly laughed as well; it was rom-com cute how they discovered each other in the semi-empty bar.

Kayla their waitress who understood what was unfolding came over to their table and gave them shots as an icebreaker. And they were off! They were leaning forward; all engaged…Dude was making Sweet Sweater Girl laugh; she was playing with her hair…oh man this was going so well. I said to Sean We Gotta Help Them!

The best way to facilitate their burgeoning love was to score their date.

We went to the jukebox and cranked out the romance: Spice Girls 2 Become 1, Barry White Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love Babe, Al Green Let’s Stay Together, Marvin Gaye Let’s Get It On, Ed Sheeran Thinking Out Loud…plus many more. All the romantic classics (though I just realized we totally forgot to drop REO Speedwagon!! So fired…) We basically made their first mixtape.

I hope they invite us to their wedding…

p.s. all credit goes to Sean for the Tinder Shamans phrase…we gotta use that…for like a punk band or something.


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