Times Square Luke

In a diner not far from Times Square. Couple beside me wrapping up their meal/date. Dude pays and says he has to take off. Girl says thanks! That was fun let’s do this again. Sweet smile. Dude jets.

Girl sitting in the booth calls her friend:
Chloe! Hey…(listening to Chloe)…yeah he just left….(listening to Chloe)…he reminds me of Luke. (Chloe) No, not that one…the other one, the other Luke. (Chloe) Oh yeah not that Luke, that Luke has a lisp. (Me: how many Lukes does this girl know??! I know like a Lucas…I dunno about Lukes). Yeah, Chloe that Luke. I know RIGHT?! (Chloe) Diner girl laughs. Oh yeah it’s not gonna happen…he’s too Luke. I’ll sleep with him, sure but there’s just no way I’d date him.


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