Time Traveler Party!

Shoot the Hot Tub Time Machine post reminded me of the time J-Skee and I attended a Time Traveling Convention/Party.

May 7, 2005 at MIT. Yes…that MIT: nerd central.

The site is still up…just noticed a post:

Tina Fey just trashed me on Saturday Night Live! “A student at MIT is hosting a Time Traveler Party this week with the hope that people from the future will show up…too bad people from the future already know the party sucked!” Note the scorn dripping from the word “future.”

She was/is so wrong! The party was spectacular. (I want to say out of this world but it’s a bit on the nose!)

J and I met Time Travelers from all kinds of periods. Some had come from the past…most came from the future.

My favourite exchange was with a Time Traveler, forgot his name now…but he was from the year 3025 or maybe it was 3052? Either one. An older gentleman, perhaps late 50s, sharp Frank Sinatra suit, crisp cool hat, all white hair, kinda professory like you know?

Sammy: “So in your time what city are you from?”

Time Traveler: “In the future there are no cities!”

S: “ah…ok…so what state or province are you from?”

TT: “In the future there are no states!”

S: “I see. Are you from a country then?”

TT: “In the future there is only one giant land mass.”

S: “Ah…that makes sense. Does this giant land mass have a name?”

Leaning in close the Time Traveler nodded: “Oh yes…New Jersey!” He donned his hat and ambled off.


We had a blast…J and I. Hopefully one day when we’re older time travel will be perfected and we’ll be able to go back.


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