This Heat: A Helpful Guide For Visual Minorities

How to Discuss The Weather with your friends and co-workers…A Helpful Guide For Visual Minorities:

Talking to Another Visual Minority: “How you enjoying all this HEAT?”
AVM: “Amen, brother…this HEAT is delicious.”
Cue: high five/fist bump/elaborate and secret Visual Minority handshake

Talking to A White Person: “Man this heat is stifling.”
AWP: “Dude: it’s the WORST! I’m sweating before I leave my house…so annoyed. Ugh and the subway so crowded and SO HOT…ugh.”
Cue: loose and sticky half-hearted sweaty hug

If you’re in doubt where somebody’s allegiances lie just go with: “This heat, huh?” and they’ll do the rest.

Join us next time where we’ll discuss Time and reveal how visual minorities are never late but in fact are always on time.


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