The Social Network: A Modern Parable

So…The Social Network:

I’m using a social network to announce I’m going to The Social Network the movie tonight, whereby I’ll come back and use another social network to comment on The Social Network the movie. I can’t tell if this is progress or if humanity has run out of ideas.

The Social Network is a modern parable, a flawed tragedy that doesn’t lessen the truth: Do everything within your power to you disrupt the status quo, from the time you’re in school till death challenge every assumption handed to you by anyone & know that those who have a pathetic vested interest in maintaining the status quo will label you arrogant.

If there rules aren’t broken it’s your job to question why not. At least before you go ahead and break them anyways. It’s always better to apologize than to ask for permission. That is…if you are sorry…

Make the status quo unpredictable. Question Everything. Accept nothing at face value. Treat rituals as short term solutions. Eat sacred cows. Never settle. Satisfaction is an agent of the devil. Never ask permission…from anyone anywhere. Just Do It. If it makes dollars it makes sense. Have fun, don’t look back and surprise yourself.

“A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? A billion dollars! This is our time.”


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