The Pleasure of Pixels

Leaving high school makes it difficult to pass notes to a girl you fancy. You can’t approach a cute lass in the supermarket with a note that says: WANNA GO TO THE SPRING FLING? above a Yes checkbox and a No checkbox. It…doesn’t work.

So it’s either this or Tinder. I know…we all know online dating…is not a life hack. I’m just tired of that awkward feeling when your married friends forget you’re single and say “out there” like it’s a horror movie.

So this is who I am; just as God made me. Mr. Rogers thinks I’m special but he doesn’t seem to grade on a curve. Thanks for the incredible photo by Culture Snap Photography as always.

Cooking Skillz: Tea and Cereal

Pet Peeves: Surprise parties

Random Fun Fact: I’m left-hand which for a period in the late 80s was medically considered to be a mild form of retardation. Umm: I’m ok and bright and social. I can also successfully dress and feed myself.

Ideal First Date: High Tea followed by an NBA game: some classy mixed with some lowbrow entertainment…you’ll instantly score a second date if your heckling is high quality: during either event.

Message Me If…
You believe ninjas are cooler than cowboys.

You think it’s strange for all his technological acumen it’s bizarre visionary director James Cameron believes the only way to time travel is naked.

You’re open to debating if the 5 Second Rules applies when you’re in a hot tub…

You recognize All Day Breakfast is one of the sweetest English phrases up there with No Pants Parties and Free Food.


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