The Free-Dumb of Elephant Cognition

Republicans like Paul Ryan are so screwed:

If he endorses Trump the public resort to name calling, labels and harsh slightly witty memes.

If he doesn’t endorse Trump he’s not a team player and he needs the resources of the GOP to further his ambitions.

By being contradictory Ryan’s doing the right thing in a sense…the general public probably won’t remember this come next election cycle…chances are his party will. Who holds a grudge or recalls memory better? Certainly not the public. I don’t agree with it but he’s making the right bet. Unless elephants start voting…they remember everything.

Bill Maher’s been getting in trouble for calling Americans stupid, dumb and uneducated…and I don’t think his observations are out of line.

There’s over 300 million Americans…just by numbers alone some of them will not be bright. You just hope that the smarty pants ones outnumber the shirtless dumb ones…especially in situations like this. One of the problems with stupid people is they’re too stupid to know they are stupid. So they never get better. And then smart people have to deal with them.

Especially on Social Media.

Social Media has become the worst…I can’t even and other similar grammarly incorrect emotions. The irony of tweeters openly mocking Trump for failing to speak using facts while never checking the freely provided search box to see if their “witty” Trump comment has already been said. It’s been said…nothing you say is gonna be funny by this point…not by late night tv hosts and certainly not by you the tweeter.

If you think it’s possible to be original by this point…then I sincerely hope you don’t mock Trump voters if you are passing off embarrassingly ignorant comments like that as intelligent discourse. Well discourse at least. Never forget you have options…this is 2016!

When did discussions exclusively become about absolutes? Gotta blame somebody…is the media to blame? Political journalism is now closer to sports journalism…less facts more debate. It works well for sports…politics where issues are important not so much.

Absolutes is such a stupid position to take…saying you like Batman doesn’t mean you automatically hate Green Lantern. Like Jennifer Aniston’s popularity that doesn’t make any sense. How are we getting dumber as a society in 2016?

(I’m fond of the temper tantrum where people threaten to unfriend you. Slamming a door that’s effective outrage…unfriending is like meh, go for it…I’m gonna go watching Simpsons. Unfriending me because I don’t agree with your opinions or worse you think I am “wrong” means you’re not open to new ideas so how exactly are you gonna solve the issue you’re so passionate about without new ideas?)

I’ll always appreciate the valiant effort (and the defense) to inject Vulcan logic into an emotional discourse. It’s entirely possible to dislike Coke and Pepsi or crap all over McDonalds and not have any opinions on Burger King…or Wendy’s. S’entirely possible just not in most comment threads. Facebook comments are tea leaves and people see what they want to see. Thankfully it doesn’t make their interpretation true much less factual. Or memorable.

We’ll move on that’s what we do…Stranger Things Season 2, another celebrity death, a couple of popular memes. And oh look Paul Ryan is running for President. Whose that again?


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