The Fate of the NBA

Been reading a lot about Jordan and watching what clips I can find during his Tar Heels days since I have to make some key business decisions in the next few months. (Jordan just makes sense to me).

Found out something I didn’t know…in the 1979 draft where Magic went number 1 the Lakers had to do a coin toss with the Bulls to determine who picks first. Lakers of course called heads drafted Magic, the rest is history. (Bulls selected David Greenwood).

Still that’s crazy pondering Magic’s entire fate rested on a coin toss. That woulda meant no Showtime, no Magic/Bird (which resurrected the NBA paving the way for Jordan) but Magic as a Bull that woulda been interesting.

The other fascinating tidbit I picked up was regarding Jordan’s 1984 Draft: the Bulls were in trade talks with Utah for their draft selection, a white kid named John Stockton. At the last second Utah killed the deal…it would have meant that Jordan and Stockton would be in the backcourt for the Bulls. How incredible would that be?

Fate’s funny and fickle and you only get to see Fate’s work when you look back.

Alright time for tea.


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