The End of The Day Job

Traditionally somebody leaving the office with a bankers box is not a positive sign (which I never fully understood…ok sure you can’t pay your bills, least you don’t have to wear pants anymore, don’t focus on what you’re losing unless it’s your pants).

In my case leaving with a bankers box is a huge positive. I’ve set aside the day job to focus on a couple of unique online music related projects. We’ve started to attract funding and engaged interest from people who are not my parents, lawyers are getting involved and…it’s all really cool. I’m surprised and delighted and humbled and curious to see where it all goes.

You start a project in the Man Cave and if you’re lucky it graduates to the Bat Cave and your real hard work begins (though you get a cooler car). Thanks to all who have supported, encouraged, worked, high fived and more to get me to this point. You are my Alfreds…sure Batman gets all the love and the chicks line up around the block for him but Batman isn’t Batman without Alfred.

There’s more news to come…for now Stay Tuned! Same Bat Time…Same Bat Channel!


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