The City of Angels

On October 30, 2010 I traveled to Los Angeles; staying until November 7, 2010:

The Sinner has touched down in the City of Angels. It’s so glorious to be out and about with the Sun richly blessing every step this late in October; guys are still in shorts girls rocking flip flops and tank tops. Wonderful. Swimming with the pimps, players and phonies. Where have all the prophets gone? Perhaps exchanged for profits and power.
Cue: Kanye West – Power

The Sinner sips tea by the surfer walk of fame & in a rare moment silent & still contemplates you, what was, what could have been but knows like surfing the hardest part of today is getting up & staying up.
Cue: Beach Boys – Surfin’ U.S.A.

The Sinner has seen the future and can smell the false prophecies which abound like leftover Halloween candy. That and the Laker girls say hi.
Cue: David Lee Roth – California Girls

Under a pool water blue sky The Sinner pours out the contents of his heart to Mr. Showtime. There’s hope in a soft touch, intelligence with vision and a past so fertile it grows fruit to this day.
Cue: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Magic Johnson

The Sinner returns (though no journey is as long as coming home or leaving home) to face a future of possibilities, what ifs and the soothing serenade of a fresh cup of tea. What we let go is more powerful than what we keep.
Cue: Frou Frou – Let Go


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