TBT: One Will Stand, One Will Fall

Sammy Younan

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Optimus Prime passed away on August 8, 1986. Before he passed on the Matrix of Leadership (to all of us…) he imparted this definitive motto: One Will Stand, One Will Fall. One of the best business lessons I’ve ever learned. (Huge respect to Megatron’s defiant response: “Why throw away your life so recklessly?” I understood right there’d always be foolish resistance to anything I want to accomplish…)

Yeah the entire The Transformers: The Movie is horrific. They were killing Transformers from the get-go. And when those credits rolled…without any resolution (like they all stayed dead!!) damn: we became men.

The movie also ruined G.I. Joe since that movie didn’t have the violence or the body count we’d now come to expect.

We’d see the horrors of war…we couldn’t just go back to hooray for everything cartoons!

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