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I miss danger.

Some days it feels like I’ve traded the recklessness of youth for the security and safety of old age. Granted it takes longer to heal now; still I miss danger. I miss adventure.

As a punk-kid I’d jump onto my bike and launch like a rocket with no clear direction. Paths were irrelevant…no! Paths are cowardly: it takes no courage to walk the sidewalk (this could explain some/most of my mom’s white hairs…I digress). I got high off being a trailblazer; boldness became addictive. School was mandatory rehab a stifling 12 step program based on socially acceptable common sense. We were expected to know the answers to the questions teachers asked…how is that considered learning?!

I believe every single word of Jame T Kirk’s Risk Is Our Business speech (present tense!). I saw this episode when I was 10 and decades late this 2 minute clip still resonates like a tuning fork. This truth equipped me with a weapon to use in my fight against education while giving me hope.

No surprise then around the time I was getting into adventure and Star Trek I got into…Evel Knievel. Oh Yes: now that guy is danger. Man. Beautiful danger. Also no surprise…there are others like me who miss danger. Hence Evel Knievel Days: an extreme sports festival in Butte, Montana! Outstanding.

I have to go…one of these days I must attend. (Sadly I am old even as I write this lament of missing danger I only want to participate in Evel Knievel Days as a cowardly spectator; I’m too concerned for the safety of my cute brown butt to attempt a motorcycle jump over Snake River Canyon).

Observe what happens at Evel Knievel Days: Daredevil Gregg Godfrey set a world record for the longest semi-truck jump conducted. BAM!

This is like Fast and Furious but real technicolor life:

Risk is our business…and business is good.

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