The Hard Work of Where I Work

So January 7th was my Office Anniversary.

Traditionally I’m not an anniversary type of guy, I’d much rather face the future then dwell in the past. Still milestones like birthdays and the end of a tv series do provide a pause and prompt reflection. What just happened? And where are my pants?

One Room, My Room: In my office I’ve recorded podcasts, had meetings, ate Wendy’s, daydreamed which lead to dozing, designed t-shirts, read comics which lead to dozing, listened to music, did lots of writing…which lead to dozing, muttered out loud and yes…even worked…whatever that means to you.

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The End of The Day Job

Traditionally somebody leaving the office with a bankers box is not a positive sign (which I never fully understood…ok sure you can’t pay your bills, least you don’t have to wear pants anymore, don’t focus on what you’re losing unless it’s your pants).

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