Trailer Alert: I Am What I Play

Today is the Canadian Premiere of I Am What I Play at the Royal Cinema as part of CMW. Having recently launched Girth Radio I’m keen to check this doc out: often when you mine the past you uncover the future.

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Red Letter Nights Interview: Nerdgasm Radio

Thank you Ash Slaughter for being a gracious host on Nerdgasm, it was a blast! Such kind words, what a nice boy!

Note: I’ll have the link up for the show soon as it’s up.

Red Letter Nights: CBC 3 Haiku Winners

So as per my agreement with Lana Gay and her wonderful CBC 3 show Lanarama I had to select 3 winners from Vancouver, who would receive concert tickets and then 3 winners from outside BC to get copies of my book Red Letter Nights.

Here’s what I picked along with some bonus commentary.

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Red Letter Nights Interview: Lanarama on CBC 3

Woot! I get to be on the oh so wonderful Lana Gay’s show Lanarama on CBC 3 today AND…get to judge a Haiku contest.

Many will enter, few will win!

I’m almost getting cooler. Yes?

During The Nooner

Originally published on 4/28/2006 11:01 AM:
Josie Dye asked I write some words to describe the 228 Yonge Street shenanigans. Which makes sense since this isn’t my day job, always a bridesmaid never…yeah I’ll stop there. I’m Lunch Boy—obviously not the name my parents selected but rather the moniker I received simply by showing up and having…lunch. And being a boy.

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