One Rogue: A Star Wars Story

So??! Do the Rebels successfully steal the Death Star schematics?! Yes Rogue OneThe Titanic, the Apollo 13 etc. of Star Wars opens today with its expected ending. (Doctor Who calls em fixed points in time).

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Star Wars The Blockbuster…

Since some of you are gonna put on pants and check out Rogue One

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Halloween Body Count

Early September I saw Lights Out (couple of sweet moments…check it out). However the body count was low…2 cops (who were collateral damage and not related to the horror at hand and 1 proper killing from the horror-monster (well…and 1 suicide but again mainly collateral damage)).

All the new horrors (the James Wan horrors…Insidious’, Conjurings etc.) low body counts; that seems to be the latest horror trend. It’s like they make you invest in the characters or like the plot.

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Suicide Squad Knowledge

If you’re gonna put on pants (DOWN WITH PANTS!!) and check out Suicide Squad this weekend know the following:

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